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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a perc test?

Test pits (commonly called perc holes) are needed to determine what type of soils are at your property and to determine the depth to the restrictive layer. We do not provide the soils analysis aka "perc testing", but we can refer you to several good septic system designers who provide this service if you contact us!

Where do I get a Septic System Design?

In order to get a bid from us, you'll need to have a septic system design. If you're looking for good septic system designer, please visit the links below, or contact us for referrals.

Do you do septic tank pumping?

Does your septic tank need to be pumped? Seppanen Construction, LLC does not offer septic tank pumping. We're happy to offer a recommendation for this task. Visit the county of your residence below for more information.

The county said I need a septic system inspection. Do you inspect septic systems?

Seppanen Construction, LLC is certified to install septic systems and does not currently offer inspection services. Please contact us if you need help finding someone to inspect your septic system, or visit the site for the county of your residence below.

Help! I've got an alarm/sewage backup! What do I do?

-First, determine if your pump is operated by a control panel or by demand with a float switch.
-If by demand, check to see if the breaker is tripped. Check to see if there is power at the pump. If there is power try to just wiggle the pipes and wires - sometimes this will free up a stuck float.
-If you have the plug-in style you can simply plug the pump directly into an extension cord or the outlet box, bypassing the float. If the pump turns on, you have a malfunctioning float; if the pump does not turn on, you probably have a bad pump. If the float was hanging up on something you can reposition it so that it will not interfere with other components.
-It is important to remember that the float setting is different for each system and should be set properly to ensure the proper dose is getting out to the downstream component.
-If controlled by a control panel you should check that the breaker is not tripped (it should be on a total separate circuit from the control panel). If the pump has power, you most likely have to much water going into the system, or a malfunctioning pump.
-If you do not have a pump and you are experiencing a back up you may have a outlet baffle filter that needs cleaning.

Every time there is a heavy rain, my septic system alarm goes off. Why?

You most likely have water leaking into the system somewhere. Do not adjust the timer settings above what they are supposed to be set at. This will a) overload the system, causing it to fail, and b) void any warranty that the system may have. We specialize in the installation of septic systems for new homes and replacements of failed systems and do not commonly provide the maintenance and trouble-shooting services. If you need these services,
contact us for referrals.View our Septic Systems page to learn more information about these septic systems.

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